Machine mortgage loan

Machine mortgage loan

1, financial product description
machinery and equipment refers to banks for mortgage loans granted to enterprises for the purchase of equipment, and against the security of the device
RMB or foreign loans, Enterprise equal monthly repayment during the mortgage period.
equipment to the customer the value:
1. Businesses raised a small amount of money can have the required equipment in advance, as soon as possible the economic benefits and improve fund use efficiency
rate, slitters, accelerated device updates.
2. Companies have only fixed, low monthly payments of principal and interest, slitting line, to maintain financial stability.
3. Both bank accounts payable/receivable financing, comprehensive financing products such as plant expansion of medium and long-term financing support,
allow enterprises to focus on their core competencies.
financial product characteristics due to machinery and equipment the high price, equipment buyers need to take up a lot of cash flow, it is difficult to quickly promote the sales
. If after using this loan, equipment for distributors or buyers down payment 30%-40% you can purchase the machine,
60% of the moneys paid by the Bank to the manufacturer, the rest by customer within the 1-3 monthly or quarterly return
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