Fixed assets mortgage

Fixed assets mortgage

Product features
1) for small business owners, and uses its own housing or factories and other properties to banks for mortgage finance is one of the most common sources of financing. Financing amount determined flexibly according to uses and property values, can be as high as tens of millions of Yuan. Acceptable mortgage variety: the commercial housing residential houses, villas, commercial and residential housing, Office, retail, industrial plants, warehouses, and so on. Funding duration depending on the property type of up 30 years. Mortgage financing of up to 80% of the real estate assessment net. Repayment flexibility, equal principal and interest, equal principal. Fast approval. Credit varieties, flexible. Can be obtained by reducing the proportion of mortgage financing rates
2) If your company belongs to the production-oriented enterprises, need access to short-term funding in their daily business activities, you will be using machines and equipment as collateral, according to a certain percentage of the value of mortgaged equipment to your short term financing, help you solve your money problems. 60% maximum net mortgage appraisal; no need to provide additional collateral BACK
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