Enterprises draft credit loans

Enterprises draft credit loans

Product features
1, and obtain an equivalent loan compared to relatively low financing costs
2, and in the context of a bank credit line, hop by hop, convenient and flexible
3 delivery 50% deposit, can both make 100% financing lines, financial leverage 1:2
4 50% margin, delivery still have normal deposit interest.
application conditions
in Shanghai registered and has fixed business places of small enterprise main, and Enterprise shareholders or holds Shanghai city level business administration organ issued of non-corporate license of individual industrial and commercial households
1. applicants funding letter status good, has paid acceptance amount of reliable sources, in Bank open State basic deposits account or General deposits account, and has must of settlement business between and real of delegate payment relationship.
2. between the applicant and the acceptance of the payee with a true trading background, with legitimate commodities trading and the debtor-creditor relationship. BACK
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