Corporate stock mortgage loans

Corporate stock mortgage loans

Equity loan refers to the borrower in its own or third person's lawful possession of a company (listed companies, privately held corporation) equity as collateral to apply for the loan, which is an innovation on the financing guarantees.
    1, apply for a pledge of shares legally negotiable, statute and other internal regulations and legal documents that listed company shareholding pledge, transfer without restrictions or prohibitive provisions.
2, pledge of equity before the pledge must be no pledge or a valid pledge has been discharged, to pledge the equity that the borrower must have full ownership and disposition.
3, shares of listed companies are not special treatment, limiting or suspending.
legal person shares of listed companies of mortgage information required:
1. Shareholder
2. ID
3. Processing power of Attorney
4. Agent ID
5. Borrower's funds and mortgage repayment plan
corporate share required information:
1. The original business license
2. Original of the certificate of organization code
3. Shareholder
4. Credit card
5. Articles of
6. Certificate of legal representative
7. Copy of ID card of the legal representative (stamped)
8. Shareholders ' meeting or the Board of Directors resolution (subject to interview)
9. Power of Attorney delegate registration
10. Agent ID BACK
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