The CBRC warned nine five types of enterprises credit risk

China Securities reported reporter was informed that, silver prison will recently requirements large Bank special concern and economic cycle changes is closely related to industry, and capacity excess industry and the five class focus enterprise of risk exposed, specific including real estate, and engineering mechanical, and steel, and wind electric equipment, and PV, nine big industry, and fast multiple expansion type, and group associated complex type, and bulls borrowing borrowing type, and high financial lever type, and private equity packaging type, five class enterprise.

experts said the real estate, enterprises and industries with surplus production capacity or total 30 trillion or 40 trillion yuan of loans, high concentration and great impact. Bankers pointed out that at present banks on real estate development loans, overcapacity, poor capacity and energy-saving emission reduction credit control industry permission has been received to the head office. Now, real estate risk, overcapacity in industry as a whole is still controllable, mergers that could arise in the future will have a significant impact on bank loans.

in addition, for financial services market is highly interested purge regulators clear requires large scale financial operations base, business management and associated risks for self-examination. Self-examination report shall be submitted to regulators before the end of June.

regulators warn risks

the CBRC issued the 2013 large bank supervision requirements, large banks close attention to credit risk trends, with special attention to real estate, construction machinery and other industries closely linked to economic cycle, as well as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, chemical, shipbuilding, wind power equipment, photovoltaic industries with surplus production capacity.

close to regulators said, regulators require big banks to closely monitor loans industry bodies, term structure and concentration, make five-category loan, reflect asset quality. Lines to keep are not systemic, culture-the bottom line as the primary task of risk and increase efforts to prevent and control, early screening for risk, early detection, early warning, early reporting and early treatment.

bankers said, for more than nine major industries, banks have made arrangements in advance. Now banks for real estate credit is tricky. On one hand, list of real estate development enterprise management system, on the other hand, returned money to implement closed management of the enterprise, that you use for payments.

experts estimated that housing-related loans, business clusters and loan industries with surplus production capacity to as much as 30 trillion or 40 trillion yuan in total, high concentration and large impact, this year's economic situation is still severe and complicated, so regulators have heavily fortified, classified policy.

CDB President Chen Yuan said in an interview earlier this year will prevent PV industry risks, controls on new lending. Former BOC Chairman Xiao gang said, overcapacity, such as steel industry loans is also included in the control.

for industries with surplus production capacity, Bank insiders said that with the changing internal and external environment, credit risks of overcapacity in industry has still not been fully resolved, regulators have been listed as risk prevention focus. But experts said that overcapacity in industry the risk as a whole is still controllable, mergers and acquisitions claims on banks will not have an impact, but the adjustment of economic structure on the formation forced banks to adjust the credit structure, merger and reorganization of banks should pay close attention to trends, timely adjustment of credit policy.

purge financial market

recently by regulators for large bank branches, wealth management business base, business management and associated risks for self-examination. Self-examination report shall be submitted to regulators before the end of June.

sources said regulators clearly requires that each row according to self, to sell the classification strengthened financial management and customer risk, is strictly prohibited without approval of authorized bootlegs and mislead consumers. Business should focus on product design, marketing, money, continued investment in monitoring and other aspects of management; distribution business, cooperation agencies to set standards and procedures, rigorous qualification, investment and sustained monitoring and other control measures.

according to media reports, China Banking Regulatory Commission recently issued under the uniform financial products risk inspection guidance programme, comprehensive investigation bank financial products risk, focus on banking, product design, product sales, information disclosure, revenue accounting, capital pools, to sell the products, financial flows to seven projects.

preceded by the Bank of China Finance Forum on hot issues, the CBRC President Assistant yan again, the CBRC required banks to pay special attention to regulate the sale, is strictly prohibited without authorization to sell products, sell private equity fund products is strictly prohibited, prohibited misleading consumers.

the CBRC said financial services as a key regulator 2013 supervision this year, institutions of the CBRC stages, phases within its banks ' financial products sales activities for special inspection.

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