"Testing the waters" credit loans

also testing the waters credit loans the Bank of communications Shanghai Branch. Head of credit management bank Shanghai Branch revealed that at present, the Bank launched the SME lending brand "business link" still require customers to provide effective security, however, on the premise of controllable risk, banks will also meet the criteria of high quality credit loans to small business customers. It is reported that, according to the Shanghai Branch of the Bank of ideas: the future small business customer rating it will be divided into 10 grades, 1-5 enterprises, provided that they meet the managers ' good credit records, product market conditions, it is possible to obtain non-guaranteed loan.

but the credit line is still in "just do not say" stage, having obtained the approval of the enterprises rarely, still unable to uniform criteria for access to credit, and it is not convenient to disclose their lending interest rates, but the Bank did not deny that "the gates" has been opened.

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