Small business loans in the eyes in the dark

lift small and micro businesses, banks are often in the past, "indifferent", but with national policies in recent years, the economic environment changes as well as the development needs of banks and other financial institutions, small and micro enterprise banks are paying more and more attention.

break block financing information barrier

, "read the Minsheng Bank reports, realized that banks also have the small micro-credit product for me. "Members of the public said Mr Wu was moved to Minsheng bank branches in a mutual fund can solve their money to worry about.

except livelihood Bank, other commercial banks also has launched has "micro-enterprises pass" "power loan" "business loan pass" "business loan" "auspicious Sambo" "growth loan" "network loan pass" "fast loan" "dragon boat plans" "shortcut loan", Shang hundreds of diversification of features small micro-financing products and solution programme, meet has small micro-enterprise in funds turnover, and business sex property, and equipment, and raw materials procurement, aspects of financing needs.

also wants to know which Bank has good of small micro-loan products did, reputation investment company will for small micro-enterprise and Bank Zhijian built effective of financing and Exchange platform, while let Bank more understand small micro-enterprise development features, created more personalized, and has targeted of financing varieties; on the also let small micro-enterprise can further understand Bank financing service features, better to found meet economic trend of commercial mode.

micro-loan growth rapidly

now to hear the most is that many people do business early lack of funds, many of them small and micro entrepreneurs with good projects, suffer no funds, caused the enterprises bigger and stronger, also complained to the Bank often adverse.

in fact, banks for small and micro businesses in recent years attention has risen to an unprecedented level, banks not only have established dedicated small and micro business sector, and a number of banks have made it clear that, credit to small and micro tilt, such as Minsheng Bank and Huaxia Bank fully developing small and micro business banks are minority.

perhaps many will ask small business owners see this, how can small and micro enterprises to get loans from banks? In fact, many small and micro enterprises are facing the problem is there is no collateral, financial chaos, while funding needs are "short, frequent, urgent" feature, so a large number of small and micro business owners would rather pay higher interest for borrowing, do not want to run banks.

in fact, due to the asymmetry of information, did not know of a large number of small and micro enterprises, financial firms have developed for their specific situation a lot of loans for small and micro enterprise financing products, even unsecured loans.

in order for small business learn more about related products and services, we will, through the depth of analysis of the expert, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of various financial institutions to small and micro niche products and services to help more small and micro enterprises in addition to understanding policy, and effectively guard against financial risks.

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