ICBC accelerated small enterprise credit business

to better serve SMEs and private business, ICBC, according to "rein in risks, enhance efficiency, and steady development" principle, continue to increase the intensity of market business development, accelerating the development of small enterprise credit business.

further clarify the targets and implementation of professional departments and branch responsibility, implement daily monitoring, weekly dispatch, a monthly reporting system, pay close attention to small business lending increases or decreases, so as to inform, to development.

active coordination with the competent government departments, various associations and docking and capture information from the source, in accordance with "good selection" principles dig deeper into commercial circulation, logistics and catering and entertainment services such as customer resources, implementation specialist follow-up marketing, expand small business customer base.

play a large high quality customer focused advantages, accelerate the development of supply chain financing. Around zhucheng light trucks and accessories industry cluster, linqu aluminum industrial cluster 7 key industry clusters, refining the integrated services programme, by implementing and financing schedule, speed up the pace of business promoting.

keep close track of customer financing needs, further extending the order financing, invoice financing, trade financing, and vigorously development superiority operations as soon as possible, start a small business-backed property loans and SME factory mortgage loans, in a diversified and higher-quality services to expand market share.

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