How to improve credit

according to survey data released by the people's Bank of China, commercial banks accept credit collateral is about 70% of real property such as land and buildings, and the majority of SMEs are generally dependent on secured resources, the value of its assets is about 70% accounts receivable and inventory. Small and micro businesses and some assets, such as real estate red cards, intellectual property rights, while there is value, but it cannot be accepted by the Bank.

method two: seeking outside help

many SMEs themselves qualification of flaw, it is difficult to get credit from the Bank, if you can get a guarantee of "boost", can also increase the loan amount. And guarantee not only for banking, business matchmaking, and enterprise applications to the Bank, go through the relevant formalities. While security companies charge about 2% of the guarantee fee, but in the enterprise can save time and energy. If the enterprise itself is a high-tech enterprise, you can also apply for some security company guarantee.

method three: personal credit to help

businesses after the Bank loan, business owners also can be applied to the Bank for large credit card, to achieve the objective of raising the loan limit. Advantage only if the cardholder of the credit card used until accounting rates, if credit limit unchanged, without any cost.

as well as loans, large lines of credit by the Bank according to employers and individuals comprehensive decision, minimum 60,000 ~10 million, if firms have sufficient fixed assets, up to 1 million Yuan, compared with the loan benefits, mortgage of fixed assets is not to.

Tianjin Zhou investment company was used to help a business owner to get a fixed amount of RMB 1 million large credit card, temporary amount of RMB 500,000, equivalent to 1.5 million Yuan for the enterprise to increase the credit limit, if business owners husband and wife at the same time, and can also limit increased by more than 1 time.

but need to be reminded that the higher interest rates on credit card cash, daily interest is five out of 10,000, equivalent to 18% per cent per annum, and only with a credit card direct consumption, can enjoy interest-free repayment period of a certain period, so the use of large credit card pay attention to timely repayment, typically only apply to short-term cash flow.

method: spread opportunities

small business loans in the past, due to the limited time and energy, as long as there is a bank lending, usually aren't looking for second homes, the idea actually discourage companies from getting more loans. In fact, when it comes to the first line is low, may wish to try find other banks, because most of the banks for the business judgment standard is basically similar, has made an "admission ticket", other banks are also generally not be a problem. And because many banks are now competing for SME clients, will often give you more lines and more favorable terms.

If companies think a one by one to find banks in trouble, also through the Tianjin Zhou investment platform to help. Bulk and can help you find exactly the banks, just sitting at home waiting for the credit to the door. At this time, enterprises can even from passive to active, compare the different banks ' lending rates and then make a selection.

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