How to get an unsecured loan

national development and Reform Committee latest provides of data displayed, currently China in business administrative sector registered of SMEs accounted for national enterprise total of 99%, created of eventually products and service of value accounted for domestic production total share over 50%, so important of a loan field impossible not caused commercial banks of attention, and traditional of stiff of mortgage guarantees mode most is because Bank in risk aspects of control capacity than poor, borrowing both information does not symmetric. But as foreign banks become fully operational, and decades of international experience in SME lending in China, the situation is different again.

it can be predicted that foreign banks will be a new round of competition in SME banking area, and this competition will ultimately attract the participation of Chinese banks, and will significantly improve the quality of SME loans.

unsecured loans, unsecured credit process, interest rates are only means to control the risk of SME loans of banks. There are many ways to assess a company's ability to lend, and will during the approval process of integrated customer visits, focused on two major areas--quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. So-called quantitative analysis includes financial statements, bank statements, credit and management, cash flow and other analysis. Rather than quantitative analysis on personal credit, and major shareholders conduct and repayment ability of the borrower, such as for analysis. Needed loans to small business owners, you may want to refer to these standards to improve, improve the ability of the enterprise.

and major shareholders such as the borrower's character. In order to study the behaviour of lenders and shareholders, the credit manager of the Bank, credit customers, direct communication between the main shareholders, have a talk with him, talk about him in this industry insight, and his creativity, about the future prospects of the company, his understanding of the international market as a whole, as well as his experience in the industry. Bank through other channels to further understanding, for instance by his supplier, through his buyers, through his reputation in the market, or through the media about the management, his way of doing things is not accurate, isn't it more loyalty.

also have the ability to repay. Future availability of continued profit-making ability and its ability of repayment. SME performance development plans in the future, product quality, factory and the entire production process is the subject of commercial banks. Even his competitors, will affect its ability to get a loan.

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