Foreign banks pushed the small micro-credit without mortgage quickly 3 working days may be

with the acceleration of marketization of interest rate, Chinese banks not only bearish housing market turning to financial services to small and micro enterprises, foreign banking giants also racing to control the pace of the SME loan market. Yesterday, Citigroup, Chairman of Citigroup China China's Chief Executive, said in an interview with the business daily Ou Zhaolun, China will increase its line of credit loan company in Chongqing, support for entrepreneurs, self-employed and farmers ' groups, such as finance.

/> expansion of loans to support small and micro enterprise "Citibank opened a lending company in Chongqing water a year, whether it's asset quality and profitability are very satisfactory. We will continue to increase investment in this field of business, in particular credit special support. "Ou Zhaolun said, running from the current situation, Beibei, Citibank is located in the Western region of the first loan companies very low bad loan rates and loan portfolios continue to record, it also means that small and micro enterprises in Chongqing region's credit is good.
it is understood that the rural Bank mode, Citigroup China loans company loan was not present, and subject to the direct supervision of the CBRC. For the universal interest of registered capital sources, Citibank source, beibei Citi loan in addition to the registered capital of the company, can be provided by Citigroup China renminbi capital sources, attributed to investor capital category. Citigroup loan the financial strength of the company is very strong, it can be better for small and micro enterprises.
individual industrial and commercial households without mortgage
it is understood that Citi loan company for largely rural entrepreneurs, individual and species breeding farmers and small and micro enterprises in rural areas, information is the fastest 3 working days available to lenders.
Citi China SME business in charge, boasts a lending company providing unsecured credit, including providing unsecured loans to individuals, individual businesses. Beibei, unsecured loans from financial institutions, many civil service guarantees, for sole proprietors of the unsecured loans are rare.
and to meet small micro-enterprise differences of and features of of credit needs, Citi loan company will for customer for personalized service, according to process for financial analysis, help customer understand currently of financial status and repayment capacity, again according to customer of integrated financial status, and repayment capacity, and repayment wishes, more items qualification and situation, will customer groups divided for different of risk grade, to out different of loan interest rate.
, I added small business loans for large enterprises to 2.4 times
SME loans with financial institutions business layout quickly, in fact, 2012 SME lending added weight are large enterprises in Chongqing 2.4 times. According to the Sales Department of Chongqing from people's Bank, in 2012, the city's financial institutions mainly in new loans to the real economy, SMEs and micro-enterprises and self-employment and livelihood areas such as public rental housing construction. At the end of December 2012, lending to the manufacturing sector and the accommodation and catering industry in our city loans and loans for wholesale and retail growth, and 30.7% and 53.1% respectively, individual business loans grew by 53.2%, this year an increase of 28.4 billion yuan. Last year, the city's loan balance to 628.11 billion yuan, up 21.5% from the beginning, was higher than the corresponding business lending 8.7% growth, all new 2.4 times as large enterprises.


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