Detailed business credit without collateral loans

For a long time, "collateral", "guarantee", and has been a stumbling block on the road of corporate finance, in particular, are in the growth of SMEs. General to Bank application loan are need provides property, and CDs, and machine, mortgage real, and many SMEs are in growth period, can for mortgage of fixed assets is limited, so, many enterprise to Bank application loan, are was shut out, and enterprise no mortgage credit loan of appeared, effective and timely to help has SMEs spent has financing through, so, Enterprise no mortgage credit loan is how thing does?
enterprise loan
a, and application conditions
Bank on application enterprise no mortgage credit loan has following requirements:
1, and Bank requirements enterprise continued business must full three years;
2, and Enterprise recently half of invoicing turnover must in 1.5 million above;
3, and invoicing (VAT invoice), two years of years report, recently one months of months report, near 6 months of invoice situation;
4, and applicants near three months of personal loan cannot late, Enterprise debt rate cannot be more than 60~70%.
II, and application information
application enterprise no mortgage credit loan, need to Bank submitted following material:
1, and license are copy;
2, and tax registration card are copy;
3, and organization institutions code card are copy;
4, and company articles and all related modified and change;
5, and latest inspection funding report;
6, and people's Bank of China loan card copies;
7, and Account opening license issued by the people's Bank of China;
8, has more than 15% shares of the company's shareholder ID;
9 water, nearly 6 months Bank Statements;
10, nearly 6 months of financial proof.
If your organization is now financing difficulties, may wish to try the enterprise credit without collateral, like said above, all major banks have implemented the business, in addition to banks, many lending institutions also have this kind of business, however, you must go through a formal institution, so as not to be deceived, causing economic losses.

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