Compensation Fund for SME lending

financing difficulty, in recent years, the "two sessions" is one of the hottest topics. Entrepreneurs and experts say, small and medium enterprises "anaemic" recovery level, directly related to the success of the economic restructuring, hopes the "two sessions" magnifying glass effect, making financing faster, better, more fundamental solution to the problem. In recent years, national macroeconomic policies and changes in the international situation, SMEs in some regions "financing" is becoming increasingly prominent, some keep enterprises have closed down, triggering concerns of public opinion. In this regard, some members of the National Committee, solve financing difficulty of SMEs, should focus on the development of financial services. For example, microfinance companies have become an important channel for small business financing, but to limit the scale of financing across the Board, binding quality function of small loan companies, reducing its bound to become a top priority. Some deputies suggested that timely amendments to the law on commercial banks, easing restrictions on commercial banks approval permissions to activate the private financing of a virtuous circle.

the "two sessions" really communicated enterprise voice. Currently, because of China's financial system is not perfect, loan interest rates, mortgage guarantee more difficult, combined with the transformation and upgrading of SME awareness of technological innovation is not strong, making bank loans and Government supporting funds mainly invested in large State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises can hardly enjoy the benefits of loan or related support policies. It can be said that financing is becoming the bottleneck of the development of private enterprises in our province.

"relevant departments should be multi-pronged, practical solution to the Enterprise ' anemia ' problem. "People in the industry call for, want the Government to provide private financial institutions credit and guarantee agencies, play a leading role through the increase of financial loans and subsidies, a sound guarantee system, build a platform of private small-medium enterprises financing. "Can consider setting up a private compensation fund for SME loans, loans increased subsidies to financial institutions and guarantee agencies. "At the same time, fiscal and taxation support to SMEs should be increased. Increase financial support, and gradually expand the scale of budget special funds for supporting the development of SMEs. Local Government to implement and improve the preferential tax policies, further reducing the social burden of SMEs. In addition, also through financial grants to small and medium enterprises development fund, venture investment fund and used in new product development for SMEs, training and management consulting, providing loans, subsidies and guarantees, play an amplification effect of financial leverage. "To solve the financing problems of private enterprises, we must accelerate the pace of financial innovation. "College of Shandong University of finance Zhu said, to continue to explore broader financing channels, and gradually the legalization of private lending important source of private small-medium enterprises financing, management standardization, through private capital management services company, the creation of new types of financial cooperatives, private funds the collection, establishing more genuine cooperation among financial institutions.

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