Chongqing bank information platform to help small business credit

   Chongqing Bank said outgoing messages, banks will implement a variety of measures, with services focused on the small and micro enterprises, Bank "micro + retail" transformation. Bank will position the small and micro-enterprises as clients will be micro, small retail business area increased to 70%. According to the Bank's data, as of September 2013, Bank small and micro loans to 29.04 billion early this year, an increase of 7.12 billion, an increase of 32.5%, above the average bank loan growth 7.8%.

    small and micro enterprises has been the focus of support throughout, also faces numerous challenges of small business loans, mortgage deficiency, no guarantees are affecting the development of small and micro enterprise credit. While many banks are dominated by old customers, to familiar customers, loan easy, not familiar with the business, want to ease in Bank loan is more difficult. Around the current set up information platform, how to help small and micro enterprises to establish some financial management system and collection platform for local, information collection, links up with Bank lending platform, is the small micro-finance is another major challenge. Small micro-finance Bank of Chongqing is building line trading platform for customers lending project information online. After the establishment of the platform, the customer can complete the credit application on the platform to the whole process of approving loans, which saves a lot of trouble for the customer. Banks also set up a small business credit Center, authorized its risk management team is responsible for the rights of small customers in credit and risk management.

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