Central Bank: small business loans grew in the late March 13.5%

   small and micro enterprise financing difficulty, problems both small and micro enterprises, there are also many causes of the financial system. With a series of Government support policies, small business loans increased significantly, an increasing number of small and micro enterprise fund "thirst" ease gradually, but financing problems still outstanding as a whole, small and micro enterprise loans "thirst". How, then, to further expand the financing channels for small and micro enterprises?

    China small and medium enterprises information network   9th, issued by the Central Bank of the 2013 first quarter monetary policy report. Data show that in late March, major financial institutions, and small rural financial institutions, foreign banks ' RMB small business loans grew by 13.5%, is growing much faster than large and medium business loan growth by 1.6 and 1.9%, respectively. Major financial institutions, and small rural financial institutions, rural banks, finance companies and foreign currencies "peasants" loans to maintain relatively fast growth. In late March, rural areas, farmers and agriculture loans outstanding increased, and 18.4% and 12.3%, respectively, added 828.8 billion yuan respectively, 247.9 billion yuan in the first quarter and 170.3 billion yuan.

    reported in the first quarter, and dynamic adjustment mechanism of the people's Bank of China continues to use different reserve strengthening of prudent macro management. According to the economic and financial situation changed and soundness of financial institutions and credit policy implementation parameters of dynamic adjustment of the difference between reserve adjustments, guide the steady and moderate credit growth, strengthening financial institutions ability to resist risks, and supports financial institutions increase for small and micro enterprises, "three agricultural" credit support to weak links. Also, pay attention to guiding rural financial institutions to fully consider farming or agricultural production and operation characteristics, arrange the spring plowing loan funds effectively to "San Nong" demand for credit.

    the next step, the Central Bank will guide financial institutions to intensify economic restructuring, especially "San Nong", small and micro enterprises and modern services, strategic emerging industries such as credit support and meet the needs of State key construction projects under construction funds. Continue to improve the people's livelihood and financial, regional economic coordination and development of financial supports and services. Meanwhile, will continue to promote the development of the bond market and broaden direct financing channels. Continue to adhere to the direction of the market, promotion of qualified institutional investors in the over-the-counter bond market-oriented development, enhance the awareness of risk prevention, promote the development of the bond market. Collection encouraged eligible SMEs through SME financing instruments such as multiple sources in support of qualified commercial banks through the issuance of financial bonds earmarked for support for small and micro business lending, widening the financing channels for small and micro businesses.

    for advance small micro-enterprise financial differences of regulatory policy, silver prison will also Yu March late issued has on deepening small micro-enterprise financial service of views, encourages and guide commercial banks especially small bank increased small micro-enterprise financial service franchise institutions of construction, and management and resources configuration efforts; guide commercial banks by simple provides financing service steering provides set financing, and settlement, and financial, and advisory, for one of integrated financial service ; Guide commercial banks in upgrade risk management level of based Shang, innovation small micro-enterprise loan arrived pledge way, research development network financing platform, widened small micro-enterprise financing service channel; ordered carried out small micro-enterprise special financial debt of declared work, and on sent debt raised funds implemented designed households management; priority select small micro-enterprise financial service effectiveness significantly, and risk tube control level high of commercial banks for assets securities of business pilot.

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