Business loans suffered "slow down" real estate financing short term pressure

   "some customer loan demand has been temporarily put on hold in June. "A joint-stock commercial bank manager said in an interview with reporters," line of line tension, want us to communicate with customers, to withhold loans. "

" the liquidity shock came suddenly and violently, almost all institutions, without exception, will have a short-term impact on real estate loans. "Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei said in an interview with reporters," at this point the Bank does not want to see the money go out from their accounts, so for some loan companies called for a moratorium. "

" now for real estate loans, no special restrictions on the policy, but to uphold the principle of prudent. If banks feel real estate risk-adjusted loan no problem if banks believe there is potential risk, lending policies take a closer, not inclined to loans. This is the mechanism of natural selection. "Lu zhengwei, told reporters that" residential mortgage loan, taking into account the past inhabitants of mortgage default rate is very low, so banks are generally believed that it is good business. "

" in General, the Bank "money shortage" does not change our policy on real estate loans. "A Deputy Governor of the Bank of Yangtze River Delta region told reporters," in 2011, the company has been concerned about the risks of real estate, so since then, I kept falling in real-estate loans, loans have been shrinking. "

according to the credit industry association data released, starting in 2011, annual increase in trust funds into real estate, but the share of the Trust Fund have been declined. The latest data show, first quarter of 2013, 770.1 billion yuan into real estate investment trusts in China balance, total trust funds 9.4% and 13.46% per cent in the first quarter of 2012 2011 to 15.58% in the first quarter.

Central University of finance and Professor Guo tianyong, believes that money tightening may cause problems with some real estate projects, "but money tightening policies for regulating the real estate itself is important. "He said," for the banking, trust, investment in real estate should have preference, they believe as long as home prices are falling, the risks can be controlled. ”

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