Bank SME loan balances rose Ultra-40%

  Bank of China, the latest statistics show that by the end of December 2012, the Bank "bank credit facility" SME loan balances in excess of 240 billion yuan, an increase of 45.59%; credit customers with more than 44,000 households, an increase of 54.54%.

    in recent years, the BOC around the customer's financial needs of SMEs, in the traditional service model based on reference manufacturing sophisticated lines, standard operating concept, reshape the credit process and risk management system, enhance corporate value and customer experience. According to the Bank of China survey of small business customers, bank SME customer satisfaction is above 95%.

    for agricultural SMEs, Bank of innovative agricultural products inventory pledge to develop "agricultural credit tongbao" products, combined with the local agricultural advantage, launched "cotton and grain loans, loan dates, apples, peanuts, raw materials" and other series products, gradually forming "one industry, one Tong Bao, Tong Bao" brand.

    around national strategies to support the development of science and technology enterprises requirements, BOC innovation launched the "Zhongguancun model" and the "Zhangjiang model". Active use of commodities, inventory, accounts receivable, intellectual property, insurance interests, right to the forest, fresh goods, security, proprietary products developed meet the needs of SMEs. Up to now, the row over more than 160 have been launched on to the market innovative products for SME development.

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