Bank a variety of credit products and services small business development in Chongqing

   in view of "farmers ' • credit" successful exploration of Chongqing banking "business • credit" long town formally started on October 10 in dazu district. This will no doubt give the development of small and micro enterprises in Chongqing and inject a dose of "shot".

    Chongqing Bank change has past commercial banks General think small micro-enterprise individual economic total small, and business management not specification, and in economic relationship in the in vulnerable status, anti-risk capacity weak, while single households enterprise financing amount small, and management cost high, unwilling to intention small micro-enterprise especially satellite enterprise loan of awareness, will service small micro-as three big positioning one of, zhiqian has launched has "micro-enterprises pass", and "started force" Business loans and other products from financial support to small and micro enterprises development.

   , "small business is an important part of national economic and social development, and the people subject of entrepreneurship, employment, is of the people's livelihood, throughout the entity has an increasingly important role in economic development. "Gan Weimin said in an interview that" in terms of services to small and micro businesses, we strive to make things convenient for the people, quickly and efficiently, giving benefits to the people. ”

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