A number of banks with small business loans

  on financial support of the State Council economic restructuring and the transformation and upgrading of the guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines) recently after fresh Bank how to "revitalize the stock with good incremental"? Yesterday, reporters learned in the market, many commercial banks have been start with micro, small and medium business and consumer credit. Among them, the eligible small business owners for 3 days in order to obtain loans.

financial services "diversified"

investment banks pushed the main small business loan product--"business card", small business customers can Bank more than 20 kinds of products, "financial supermarket" freedom in selection of loan products, loan amount ranging from hundreds of thousands of Yuan to 10 million Yuan. And, for small and micro businesses reflects the problem of slow approval, China Merchants Bank for loan prepared, in line with the corresponding conditions and loan amount of up to 5 million small and micro business loans, 1-3 days to lent.

in addition, the Nanning branch of Huaxia Bank launched the "small business annual business loans", annual review an application made before the expiration of small business loans, direct extension of the original loan period, and does not need to sign the contract. The business as compared to traditional lending, loan term from 1 year, changes for up to 24 months. A month in the first year of the loan before maturity, General credit procedures by a bank to loan customers for years, after the loan period is automatically extended.

"audit system" will not affect the other benefits of corporate credit, while traditional loan term is one year, once the extension of the loan period will leave a bad credit record. "In the process, procedures simplified, the required annual audit of enterprises will be easier and faster. "Nanning branch of Huaxia Bank said Tang Jingwen, head of small and medium enterprises.

Nanning branch of Minsheng Bank is doing "fine" doing "spot", through the establishment of small and micro enterprise cooperatives, is committed to supporting regional characteristic industry enterprises in Guangxi, such as timber, agricultural and sideline products processing industry, apparel industry, fresh and the rice processing industry, for the large number of small and micro enterprises in the industry to provide financial services.

reporters learned that the so-called small business cooperatives, was pioneered by Minsheng Bank small business value-added services platform, by a number of member companies (including the self-employed, farmers, the same below). Within the cooperative, in addition to banks outside the traditional financial products are available, qualified after Member companies through bank credit, pay a certain percentage of deposit, also formed a "mutual growth fund".

small and micro loans and consumer loans or increase the proportion

, "the demand for small business loans and consumer loans, and income are significant, it would certainly become important directions of joint-stock commercial banks to adjust credit structure. "Yesterday, the Nanning duigongyewu, head of a large State-owned commercial bank said that in spite of high interest rates in the interbank market have eased in the short term, but longer term will continue for some time, with the increase of financing costs, the Bank will certainly be limited credit to more profitable areas. Because of earnings concerns, banks will more and consumer finance to small and micro enterprises development effort.

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